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and this will continue through the morning, and then we'll get a little bit of a break in the some more scattered showers and storms popping up as we go through the afternoon. right now, though, temperatures are on the warm side, well above average, owennings mills at 73. 77 in arnold and also shadyside. the winds are out of the south this morning, so with that we are definitely dealing with those warmer temperatures. and we can see what we're looking like as we go through the hour by hour for today. by 8:00, 79 degrees, still very balmy. 85 by lunchtime, and then 3:00 88 degrees. that's going to be our high temperature for today with some thunderstorms in the forecast. let's get a check now of the traffic with mike massco. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. good morning, everybody. we do have a couple of issues well north of baltimore city. we'll start you at emmerton road right at singer road. we do have an accident ongoing and that has tied speeds between 94, to around 35 to 40 miles an hour. so we are starting to see some delays. we do have ambulances, fire department, police activity right along perryman road out at old philadelphia road. we did have an earlier accident
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still ongoing. and congestion really starting to pick up on 695 at edmondson avenue. you'll notice the speeds tied down between 30 to 40 miles an hour. outside we go for a live shot and we'll show you some of our traffic cameras, 695 at liberty road, starting to see some volume on the outer loop. we have another shot for you the further north section of the beltway, 695 at harford road, starting to see some volume. things are looking pretty normal at this hour. the outer loop from 695 to 83 an 11-minute ride. news time right now 6:31. parents want to know that when their kids, they head to school, they're going to be safe. and right now that is really hard for a lot of parents after a shooting at perry hall high school last week. sheree johnson joins us this morning with how parents feel, if they feel any better this morning after a meeting that happened last night. >>reporter: well, not really. we caught up with a few of them last night, not really, megan. some parents had mixed emotions and they left with few answers. the principal of perry hall
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high school will get advice from the man who led a school in paducah, kentucky in 1997 where a gunman killed three and injured five more. last night the parents turned out to help the process of evaluating the shooting and working toward preventing another shooting. they filled the school auditorium just days after robert gladden, jr, was charged with shooting and criticallily injuring ronald bowery. the principal describes the school security. he says two resource officers monitor about 400 students at a time and he may consider a third. the group shared ideas for over two hours with the promise of coming back to the table. now, some say they left with few answers, but they're committed to working with the staff to make the school a safer place. >> i've asked our folks to go back and look at all of our security protocols, all of our school crisis plans, our district crisis plans, i've also looked back to give them anti-bullying initiatives and getting the word out that we want people to bring messages to us. >> tell us what happened.
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if i don't hear from him, he'll hear from me. >> now, meanwhile yesterday a grand jury indicted 15-year-old robert gladden, jr. on 29 counts relate today that perry hall shooting. >> the parents just said it, so many unanswered questions. so what does happen now? >>reporter: they still have a lot of work to do, megan. the principal and county superintendent plan to gather everyone everyone involved the day of that shooting. we could see changes in security. >> sher geojohnson reporting on that. this is a story that's not going away. >>reporter: exactly. another story this morning to talk about. expecting archbishop william lorrie to announce the first archdiocese capital campaign in 15 years. the goal is pretty big, to raise $100 million, also support parishes, schools and charitable outreach programs. the announcement takes place at 10:00 this morning. the new location of the archbishop border school in highlandtown. 15 years, that's how long it's been since the baltimore orioles were in the playoff hunt and this morning the team
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is in toronto, but find themselves in unfamiliar territory, first place in the a.l. east. so charley is live down at camden yards this morning with more on the biggest story happening in baltimore right now. comarly. >>reporter: megan, good morning to you. you mentioned it, 15 years, that's how long it's been since the baltimore orioles they were in the playoffs, and they found themselves now in the thick of a playoff run that could take them playing all the way into october. the ballpark behind me is quiet now, it's going to remain that way through tomorrow. that's when the orioles take on the new york yankees, that's who they're tied with now in first place. a four-game series here at the yard and it is criticallily important for the orioles and playoff implications. and tickets? well, tickets are not going to be cheap for you. thursday's game is sold out completely. we've got tickets available on friday, limited availability saturday and sunday may be your best bet. we've been checking out the websites throughout the course of the morning here on "good morning maryland" and they vary in price.
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standing-room-only, those tickets are going to run you $40, maybe $50 for thursday's game, but you want to get high dollar, you want to get expensive? they've got those two, some tickets being offered now for $800, even $1,000. so tomorrow night's game is sold out, so if you want to go there, megan, it's going to cost ya. >> yeah, i bet it is, charley, it sounds like it. but it would be fun to be there, no doubt about it. >>reporter: it is baseball season. >> you look like you're pretty happy reporting out there this morning. >>reporter: i'm having a good time, yeah. >> i know you are. check this out, charley, look at this, an elderly driver crashing into a swimming pool in massachusetts. a man staying at the house, he heard a crash, pulled the driver out of the water. that driver was taken to the hospital for treatment. right now investigators are looking into the cause of the crash, what happened and how that car ended up in the pool in the first place. well, another piece of video that you really have to see, a moose gone mad. this happened in vermont. a man went out of his house to find an animal with a hoof on his car.
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so after shooing it away from his vehicle, he was kind of intrigued by the up close and personal encounter with the moose, so he grabbed his camcorder and walked around the yard. >> the moose was eyeing me. i thought it was kind of cute. >> yeah, not so much, though, because the moose's behavior went from cute to anything but. he charged at the man, you see him right there. brent olson ran for safety inside of his house, leaving that camcorder outside. turns out the moose had to actually be killed. apparently it showed signs of a parasite that causes odd behavior, so that might explain why he was in the yard doing that in the first place. pretty remarkable story about man's best friend, listen to this, if you have a dog, you're going to love this story, after being missing for several monthses, buckie decided he would make his way back to his owner and started walking. in january mark left buckie with his dad in west virginia because he couldn't have a dog at his new home in myrtle beach, south carolina. two weeks ago he was taken in by a family in south carolina after traveling nearly 500 miles. they took the animal to the
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hospital where they discovered one of those microchips and they were able to call mark and tell him, hey, we have your dog. mark says that he'll never leave buckie behind again. how badly do you want to eat at a certain restaurant? well, enough to actually pay more for the reservations, because some places are charging more just for holding your seat. we're going to have more on this. there are some discountthey wor and who ate what and how much did it cost? there might be an easy solution to splitting the check. we're going to tell you about an app that could be available on your phone sometime soon. and a reminder as we head to break, katie couric's new show premiers next week, september 10th, right here on abc 2, starting at 4:00, followed by our news with jamie and kelly at 5:00 and 6:00. we'll be right back. [ harry umlaut ] here we go.
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little extra to be first to board a flight, but when it comes to restaurants, are you ready to pay a premium? it's already happening at fine dining establishments in places like new york city, but it could be coming to a place near you. here's how it works, you can book online reservations for 1,000 restaurants on and there are discounts for the off-peak dining too. every order food with a group of people and then you had to pay someone else's share because they didn't have enough cash? well, a student believes he has a solution. rory stoltensburg called foodio. with the app you can basically place that order and each person can pay their share via their credit card. so for now the app can only be used on android phones. iphone users can look forward to using that app sometime very soon we're told. prime time for the governor, so how did he do? well, coming up next we're going to hear what governor o'malley had to say to the rest of the country at the democratic national convention. we'll take a look just ahead. and who cares about the
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game when you have this going on? we'll show you the moves on the field that were going on down in tampa. we have sticky conditions that will continue for today. i'll tell you when the dryer air moves in. >>reporter: i'm mike massco. we do have volume picking up on 695 at liberty road. we'll have a look at the traffic coming up on the other side of this break. (bell rings)
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good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. time for your abc 2 news to go. we're going to start things off now with meteorologist lynette charles. how's it looking out there? >> we're not looking too bad. humid, though. we do have one spotty shower try to go move into the picture this morning, megan. we can see around carroll county and cecil county, around rising sun, port deposit, over bel aire, these showers very light in nature right now, really sprinkles, drizzles across the area, just dampening the roadways. i-95 a little bit on the damp side this morning as well. and then as we slide a little bit further to the south, we can see some more light showers around middle river, also essex and even edgemere. that's going to be the scenario as we go throughout the day with some more scattered showers and storms to talk about.
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right now in bel aire, you can see the roads a little bit on the damp side. that is going to continue off and on, but all in all we have the temperature coming in at 77 degrees right now with that dewpoint at 71, so, again, very sultry outside. and this is what it looks like for your hour-by-hour forecast. lunchtime temperature right around 85 degrees. and we will get some sunshine in here mirksing in with the cloud cover, but those storms will be out there as we head into about 3:00 this afternoon. let's get a check now of the abc time saver traffic with mike massco. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. we're starting to see congestion picking up on 695 both the inner and outer loop this morning, this is between exits 14 and 16. i just got this off the wire, jfx at 695, we do have some debris in the roadway. start to expect your speeds to really come down some, and we have more congestion south of town, 295, baltimore washington parkway, speed sensors bringing it down to about 30 miles an hour, so starting to see some pretty good volume out on the roadways. outside we go for a live shot. i want to show you 695 at liberty road. things are starting to pick up.
6:47 am
again, it's the outer loop starting to see some congestion at this hour. then we have another shot to show you, 695 at harford road. you see that shot, that 695 at harford road, that's in response to the debris in the road as you head into the jfx. we'll have another check on traffic in less than 10. megan, we'll send it on to you. 6:47 right now. 15 years, that is how long it has been since the baltimore orioles were in the playoffs. and this morning the team is in toronto, but they find themselves in unfamiliar territory, first place in the a.l. east. so charley is live this morning down at camden yards with more on the biggest story happening right now in baltimore. and, charley, you've listened to a lot of people. they have so many nostalgic memories about 1997. >>reporter: yeah, john zeeman, he remembers 1997, he remembers the o's legacy. he manages the museum here just next to camden yard. what's going on? >> excitement, major sports excitement for the city of baltimore and the state of maryland. you look at this plaza right now, it's empty, but it's so good to see the fans back in
6:48 am
baltimore and coming back down to oriole park. we encourage them all to come down. the sports legends and employees have always stuck by the orioles and they always will, so we set the example of being here. >>reporter: john, thursday's game is already sold out, some of the prices are outrageous. of course, cal will have his statue unveiled, friday, saturday, sunday, these will sell out too. >> like i said, if you don't get them now, go to stubhub. you'll see history made with cal's statue and the orioles are back. >>reporter: you talk about the history with the orioles, cal, everything going on. seems like buck shownwalter is a student of history of student. >> our executive director took on one of the sports legends. he's a big history buff. he loved it so much, he invited the whole team over for a private tour, shing the history and heritage of where they come from and the ravens have done this also. we are proud to have both the ravens and orioles come through our museum and learn our history and heritage which is theirs now.
6:49 am
>>reporter: continued success, sir, thanks for the time this morning. you mentioned the ravens, they kick off monday night against the bengals and m and t bank stadium and the o's wrap up a four-game set with the yankees, that's going to wrap up sunday. sports is big in charm city right now. megan. >> charley, thanks. we want to see your orioles pride, send those pictures to you at the o's game. we want to see it. you can always upload them to the facebook fan page. we'll try to put those pictures on the air. 6:49 right now. another barbara mccloskey will take the podium tonight at the democratic national convention. the senator will lead a program recognizing democratic women for senate. 12 democratic women are running for the senate this november, making 2012 a historic election year. well, democrats kicked off their first night at the convention with a really special speech from first lady michelle obama and right before that keynote address, maryland governor martin o'malley took the stage. abc 2 news' linda stow is here with what he said and jobs
6:50 am
really the focus, right? >>reporter: yeah. he used his time as governor in maryland to make a point. he said -- he pointed to the state's job growth in the private sector under his leadership. now, o'malley was on the attack as he took the stage in charlotte. he spoke for about nine minutes, and during that time he criticized romney, saying his policies would take the country back. his message to voters? give obama another four years in office and a chance to keep moving america forward. >> let us move forward, not back by reelecting barack obama, president of the united states. god bless you all. >>reporter: now, it has been widely speculated that o'malley is seeking a presidential bid in 2016, but he hasn't talked much about that during the convention. >> is he still down there? what's his schedule for today? >>reporter: well, he hasn't been talking about his so- call presidential bid in 2016, but today politico is reporting that later this morning o'malley is set to have breakfast with iowa's delegation to the dnc. as you know, iowa is one of the
6:51 am
first states to hold the caucuses during the primaries. so we'll see. >> a lot of people are saying hum. wait and see. abc 2 news' linda stow, thanks so much. >>reporter: sure. well, a family in california right now saying that they were kicked off of a flight, and this is because their son has down syndrome. robert and joan vanderhorse say they were returning home from a family reunion in new jersey when they were getting on board an american airlines flight with their 16-year-old son. now, that's when they were told they had to get off the plane. that's when joan pulled out her camera phone and started recording the confrontation. >> okay. my question is why are you singling me out -- >> i'm not singling you out. >> why are you telling them and them and them and all these people that have children that they have to -- >> you're in a security- controlled area. you cannot be recording this. >> american airlines said that the boy was excitable and running around and not acclimated to the environment. the airline says it offered to book another flight for that family. the family says, though, this statement isn't true. they say that they plan to sue
6:52 am
american airlines. we'll keep you posted on this story. five things you need to know as you head out the door this morning. jurors are set to start deliberations in the drew petersen murder case today. prosecutors say circumstantial evidence proves that the former chicago cop killed his third wife. petersen's defense countered that. they said that was garbage evidence. during the five-week presentation of more than 30 witnesses. former presidential candidate herman cain will host two events in iowa today. the events are part of the 2012 truth tour where he has plans to talk about empowering businesses to create jobs. cain's presidential campaign was derailed by sexual harassment allegations. former new york city mayor ed koch is expected to be released from the hospital today, being treated for anemia. a spokesman says the 84-year- old underwent a blood transfusion when he got sick staying with friends in north carolina. apple gearing up for a big announcement, this happening
6:53 am
next week. the company sent e-mails to members of the media, inviting them to an event in san francisco next wednesday. there is word that this is when apple will introduce the iphone 5. nfl season officially begins today. super bowl champs new york giants hosting the dallas cowboys. the raven's first regular season game is next monday against the cincinnati bengals. a joyride on a boat took a very serious turn. this happened in missouri, the whole thing caught on camera. if you take a look at this video, we do want to warn you it's pretty graphic. you can see the boat zipping around on the water and all of a sudden it hits a really large wave. everybody on that boat knocked off of their feet. five people had to be rushed to the hospital. what you're seeing right now, they're standing, but if you wait a second, you can see them knocked to their feet. again, everybody is doing okay. time for a check on your weather, here's lynette. >> let's talk about the temperatures this morning, megan because we are quite warm, close to 80 degrees. we are about 10 to 15 degrees above average. look at chestertown, 77 degrees. more of the same in cambridge
6:54 am
and also northeast. good morning bel aire, you're at 74 degrees and 77 in hanover. let's take it outside at kent island where we are looking at plenty of cloud cover this morning. there's a view from hemmingways and we can see the clouds persisting as we go throughout the day, but we will get a few breaks in the cloud cover as well. we can see it on the satellite and radar. not a whole lot of rain this morning, just a few spotty showers now heading over into cecil county, around the bel aire area. but, again, this will start to diminish and maybe a few more popping up as we go through time. let's widen out the view because our eye does take us to this area of low pressure that will be sliding south into the gulf of mexico. we're going to keep our eyes watched on that. that could become a tropical system as we head through the next 48 hours. speaking of a tropical system, we already have it here in tropical storm leslie, the winds sustained at about 65 miles an hour, moving very slowly. it is forecasted to become a category 2 hurricane, but it should stay away from us, maybe bring a lot of high surf and rip currents to the beaches as we go into the weekend. this is what we're looking at
6:55 am
for today, the showers and storms possible. make sure you grab that rain gear. by tomorrow things start to die down a bit with dryer weather really coming in here for the weekend. for today right around 88 degrees. 70 by tonight, nice and sticky. 90 degrees and hot for tomorrow. and here's that seven-day forecast for you as we will dry out nicely as we go into friday. let's get a check of the traffic now with mike. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. good morning, everybody. just be aware 695 at the jfx, we're starting to see some tieups due to debris in the roadway. we're not really sure about what type of debris, but it is tying traffic up and we do see speed sensors coming down between 25 to 30 miles hour. in fact, we're also seeing more congestion on 695 as you approach exit 14 and 16. so things are starting to slow down quite significantly for this time of the morning. outside we go for a live shot, and i want to show you 695 at old court road. yes, it's getting nasty out there this early hour. let's take a look at 695 at harford road. let's see. yeah, that's tying up as well. so we'll talk more about traffic during "good morning
6:56 am
america." a reminder we'll have cut- ins throughout the program. but, hey, before we go, we want to leave you with something that's going to make you smile, and this guy is going to do it. check out his dance moves. he's the groundskeeper and he decide today take a short break from -- decided to take a short break from cleaning up. this happened during the yankees/rays game. you can see he's got his bow tie, his sunglasses and his moves kind of remind you of the carlton dance from "the fresh prince of bel aire." i've been trying all morning to see if i can get lynette or mike to duplicate those moves. not doing it. you do need music to dance. >> carlton usually danced to tom jones. i don't know. >> i'm going to go cue it up right now on my computer so i can get you to show off your moves. >> that's what megan pringle did, right? >> that's right. i'm not doing it. >>reporter: i saw you two weeks ago. >> that was me. hey, a reminder, sends your pictures from the o's game
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wearing your gear. it's it's cheese pizza day. happy cheese pizza day. we'll see you for an update in about 30 minutes. for now we'll send you to new york and "good morning america." anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to.
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